Company Information

Company Name: Abhito LLC
Office: 6177, Stonepath Circle, Centreville, VA 20120 USA
Warehouse: 202, Industrial Drive, Emporia, VA 23847 USA
Business: Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Distributors of Quality Homewares
Sales Channels: Wholesale, e-tailing, Drop Shipping, Online, Retail, Marketplaces, and Global Cross-border eCommerce
Our Bank: M&T Bank, Centreville, Virginia, USA
EIN Number: 83-177xxxx
VA Sales and Use Tax #: 10-83177xxxxF-001
DUNS#: 033-178-230
RN#: 159848
NAICS Codes: 314110, 423220
SIC Code: 2273
Brand: Abhito
Trademark Reg#: 88345121
Technology Supported: EDI VAN (810, 850, 856, 997), AS2, Product/Inventory/Order Feed Management, FTP/sFTP/Webservices/API/XML Integration, Automation
Online Shop: Shop